Shame on me

So, I’ve been inexplicably lacking in updating my site…Mainly because of cataclysmic life changes that have left me reeling from the fountain.

But, I’m gonna try to be more diligent in spouting out random trash on a semi-regular basis…Perhaps it will be therapeutic?

I guess I’m struggling with how much I want to say, who I want to read what I say, and if the truth I speak will come back to haunt me…
In this day and age, with employers patrolling their employees Facebook pages for dirt, the last thing I want to do is give anyone ammunition or printable information that can be misinterpreted or harnessed for my demise!

So, I will use baby steps and tread lightly, cryptically conveying what’s in my noggin…

By adminbt • August 16, 2012 • 10:09 am

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