I’ll Take The Quad…

Coffee is slowly becoming a necessity in my life. I’ve been a casual drinker over the years. But, now I binge. Like a drunken college student after finals, I binge. It’s kinda freaky…Part of the dilemma is the local coffee hut’s “bottomless” policy. I can pay $2 for one, and then $1 for refills. Or, I can just give it up (pay the $5) and get the bottomless, a caffeinated wormhole from which it’s difficult to “pop back through”. I’m usually OK as long as I remember to choke down a piece of toast or a granola bar in the morning. Otherwise, I get the gut rot followed by nervous sweats and general wackiness…

By adminbt • March 18, 2011 • 4:32 pm


  1. I hear ya, Brad. Welcome to the club. For me, coffee is so versatile and puts me in such a good mood, I literally CAN NOT give it up.

    This is my first time checking out your site…niiiiice :) Nice layout: crisp and clean, but still personal. Honestly, I had no idea you could write so well, and that's what'll keep me coming back more than anything. Unless you start giving away free coffee. LOL! Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the props!! :]